Feng Shui Zone Guided Meditations

Feng Shui Zone Guided Meditations



Move beyond negative thoughts and declutter your mind using Feng Shui Zone Guided Meditations.

Use your imagination to create visions of success. Our minds create our thoughts and beliefs and the key to abundant living is belief. Whatever you believe to be true is true.

Harnessing Your Mental and Spiritual Energy
When you are in the Feng Shui Zone, your life will flow more smoothly and you will have greater life success. When the energy in your environment is balanced, your personal energy will improve and this will increase the harmony and happiness in your life. Feng Shui Zone Guided Meditations CD will help you harness the mental and spiritual energy needed to boost your personal energy to the next level. Let the Feng Shui Zone Guided Meditations CD help you create the reality that you desire.

Removing Negative Energy
This guided meditation should be performed to remove negative energy form your body and mind – for example, if you are not feeling well, if you have had contact with negative people or if you have spent time in crowds of people.

Accessing the Power and Energy of the Universe
This guided meditation will connect you to the energy of the Universe and help you achieve your goals and dreams. You will know that the energy of the Universe is working for you as you move forward and create positive energy in your life.

Relaxation Meditation
This guided meditation is the ultimate de-stressor and should be used before or after stressful situations. It can also be used to assist with relaxation before going to sleep.

Written and narrated by Debra Ford, these essential meditations are so beautiful that they will become a part of your daily routine, nourishing your mental and spiritual energy

Music composed by Jessica Erlendson, this exquite music is born of her extensive musical talent and meditation experience

Music performed by Jessica Erlendson, Martyn van Remmen (the sound of the didgeridoo is dramatic and adds an incomparable level of tranquility for meditation), Brian Campbell