Five Elements – Energetic Intensity of Fire Energy

Five Elements – Energetic Intensity of Fire Energy

The Five Elements Theory has the same fundamental philosophy as the Yin Yang Theory - that of continual evolution and balance. Each natural element - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water - has specific attributes that vibrate with their own frequency of energy. In this way, elements interact with each other to affect the energy flow in your environment in a positive or negative manner. Let’s see how the Fire element affects our energy flow.

Fame GuaThe Fire element is represented in only one of the nine Bagua areas – Fame.  It is physically located in the back centre of your home or office.

The primary colour of the Fire element is red and is considered aggressive and active energy.  Its nature is masculine - or yang.

Fire SymbolFire energy naturally represents hot, fiery energy, and is moving, bright, and upward.  It is these characteristics that, due to the heat and light, depict the Fire element as the most expansive and active of all the elements.  It is thought of as being symbolic of fame, reputation and passion.

The Fire element can be a very powerful Feng Shui tool to improve your personal reputation and respect in the community.

The energy of the red Fire element is great to ‘make change happen’ – to really get things moving.  For this reason, it’s a good idea to focus on enhancing the Fame area when you are setting goals and making plans for the future.

The Fire element intensifies the vertical flow of energy in your home.  It is a very active and vibrant energy.  In addition to the colour red, integrate triangular, pyramid or diamond shapes to provide an upward lift and increase the flow of energy.

  • Triangles move energy in a vertical direction because of the defined edges and sharp points.
  • Pyramids are a little more grounded than a triangle but energy is still directed upward.
  • Diamonds direct energy up and down in a simultaneous manner.

Red Pyramid Candles

Our homes already have quite a few items that represent the Fire element.  Consider where your stove, fireplace, lamps, lighting and candles are currently positioned to determine if the Fire element is working for or against you in your space.

Excessive Fire elements and colours can over-stimulate ambition, impatience, anger, impulsiveness, and lead to burnout.  We find that we tend to be more aggressive and confrontational.  When these types of behaviours are being experienced, introduce more Water element into the space to create a more relaxed and comforting environment.

When there are not enough Fire elements in our environment, we may experience a sense of emotional darkness or coldness in our lives.  In addition to adding colour and shape attributes, an excellent way to increase Fire energy to any space that needs enhancement is to add artwork that features animals, sunlight or fire.  You can strengthen the existing Fire element by introducing more Wood element, such as wooden picture frames, to your space to further stimulate the Fire element.

It is important to pay attention to the Fire element in your surroundings and keep this energy balanced.  You will see the symptoms when there is an imbalance and this is your cue to ‘check it out’.

Because red Fire energy is so powerful, it can be an excellent element to ‘set fire’ to your Love & Relationships zone.  Give a little boost to your bedroom by adding a pair of red pyramid candles or a red Feng Shui Crystal.  You simply can’t beat the power of red.