Feng Shui Tips

Add beauty to your life with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Market is pleased to offer some helpful tips for using Feng Shui to improve your environment.

    • The effect of too many changes all at once can be overwhelming. Make a few key adjustments and take notice of the shift in energy in your space before you continue with more adjustments.
    • Focus on what you wish to achieve when you make your Feng Shui adjustments. Include your faith, intention and goals. 30% of the result is achieved by making the physical changes and the other 70% is achieved when you put your mind and soul into it.
    • Clearing clutter is a positive conduit for change – you will be amazed at the energy shift that this simple adjustment can trigger.
    • Shift the energy of your space in a way that suits your personal style, preferences and décor – choose meaningful objects and colours that you love.
    • Finish each Feng Shui project within three days so the energy you put into it will remain concentrated and powerful.
    • Evaluate your results – keep a journal to record the actions you have taken and the results that have been achieved.
    • Your personal chi is influenced by your thoughts, moods and choices – observe and discipline your inner self to nurture positive chi.
    • When you make your mind up to change your environment, you are establishing more control over your own destiny.
    • The best results from Feng Shui will happen when you are open to new things and ideas, have a positive outlook and a clear intention.

 “We shape our environment and thereafter our environment shapes us.”

~Sir Winston Churchill