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Koshi Chimes

A state of balance, relief, serenity and peace is attained when listening to the sound of wind chimes. Wind chimes transform temperament and atmosphere. The beautiful melodies of chimes create a sense of joy, inner peace and natural calm, making them a delightful gift to yourself and others you care about.

Our wind chimes are perfect for Feng Shui, relaxation, sound therapy, meditation, yoga, healing practitioners, health therapists, spas and salons, float tanks, stress therapy, aged care and child care facilities. Each chime is exceptionally beautiful in both looks and sound.

Perfectly tuned wind chimes enhance the sounds of nature and help create a flow of positive energy. On the other hand, wind chimes that are not in tune can create the opposite energy flow. Precision tuned wind chimes can help to counteract the negative energy flow caused by unnatural sound caused by traffic, machinery, loud music etc. We carry both the highly sought-after Zaphir (Shanti) and Koshi chimes.

Historically, the Chinese used the music of chimes to express emotions and establish an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Buddhists liked to hang hundreds or even thousands of wind chimes or bells on temples, shrines and pagodas. Breezy moments created an almost overwhelming auspicious sensation of sound.

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