Set of 4 Koshi Chimes



The harmonious tuning, the soft sound and the beautiful design make the Koshi wind chimes lovely gifts.

Koshi chimes come in four tunings, each with a beautiful and unique melody inspired by a natural element. Each precision hand tuned chime has a specific magic timbre and can be played harmoniously with all others.

Koshi Aqua is inspired by the water element.

Koshi Aria is inspired by the air element.

Koshi Ignis is inspired by the fire element.

Koshi Terra is inspired by the earth element.

The Koshi chime is an authentic musical instrument, an original creation by Kabir, inventor of the Shanti chime. Each chime is a result of meticulous craftsmanship, handmade at the foot of the Pyrenean Mountains in France. Koshi chimes are popular in Feng Shui, relaxation, sound therapy, meditation, yoga, health clinics, spas, salons, stress therapy, as well as educational work with both adults and children. The crystalline tones of the chimes have a wonderful calming effect on children, however they are not a toy and it is recommended that they not be left in the hands of young children.

Koshi chimes can be indoors or outdoors in a protective area. To maintain their beauty, they will require oiling with either clear teak oil or clear tung oil, on a regular basis.

Holding the chime by its cord, move it gently: be amazed at the crystalline, relaxing sound. Outside, sheltered from rain, as it plays with the wind, you will drift away on a beautiful melody.

Height 16.5 cm (6.5 in) Diameter 6.3 cm (2.5 in)