Five Elements – Stability of Earth Energy

The Five Elements Theory has the same fundamental philosophy as the Yin Yang Theory – that of continual evolution and balance.  Each natural element – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – has specific attributes that vibrate with their own frequency of energy.  The Earth element interacts with other energies to affect the energy flow in your environment in a positive or negative manner.

Earth Element Bagua PositionsThe Earth element is the central point of the Five Elements. It is represented in three of the nine Bagua areas – Skills & Knowledge, Health and Relationships & Love.  The centre (Health) area is the natural location and it is this location that is the true point of balance.  For this reason, we need to have all the Bagua areas balanced before we can totally balance the Health gua.

Earth Element SymbolThe primary colour of the Earth element is yellow or earth tones. Its nature is feminine, or yin, which is considered receptive and passive – we see this as sand. In nature, we also see yang earth , such as rocks and boulders.

Simultaneously, Earth energy also represents strength, resourcefulness, stability, reliability, and the ability to be centred by virtue of it being solid.  It is characteristically thought of as being symbolic of relationships by being nurturing.

The Earth element can be an extremely powerful Feng Shui tool to slow down in life, to become more centred and feel more connected and stable.

The energy of the Earth element provides stability; balance and a strong foundation.  These characteristics are especially important during times of uncertainty and intense change to help you feel solid and grounded.

When thCeramic Tileere is too much of the Earth element in our environment, we can sense a heavy, serious and cautious feeling.  If this is the case, introduce more Wood element into the space.

When there is not enough of the Earth element in our environment, we may experience more instability, clutter and chaos in our lives. In this case, introduce more Fire element into the space.

When you are incorporating the Earth element, place objects as close to the centre of your space as you can, which will further make the best use of the natural location of the Earth element.

An excellent way to increase Earth energy to any space that needs an Earth enhancement is to add pottery, ceramics, earthenware, terra cotta, rocks or pebbles, natural gemstones or granite.

Placing a rock or large boulder near the main door can provide additional strength and stability to your home.

Balanced StonesIntegrate Earth shapes such as squares, cubes and horizontal rectangles into your decorating scheme and add the colour yellow and other earthy tones such as sandstone.  It is best to minimize bright colors as they stimulate the energy of the room instead of control it.

It is often during times of transition that you may notice intense feelings of worry – thinking round and round in circles.  Take a good look at the Earth element and take the necessary steps to ensure that the Earth energy in your space is balanced.