Five Elements – Revitalize with Wood Energy

The Five Elements Theory has the same fundamental philosophy as the Yin Yang Theory - that of continual evolution and balance.  Each natural element - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water - has specific attributes that vibrate with their own frequency of energy.  In this way, elements interact with each other to affect the energy flow in your environment in a positive or negative manner.  Let’s see how the Wood element affects our energy flow.

Feng Shui wood elementThe Wood element is represented in two of the nine Bagua areas – Family and Prosperity.  It is physically located in the middle of the left side; and the back left corner of your home or office.

The primary colour of the Wood element is green and is considered a strong and yet flexible energy.  Its nature is masculine - or yang.

Wood element in Feng ShuiWood energy naturally represents growing and creative energy, and is flexible, energetic, and upward moving.  Wood is considered the first element of the Five Elements because it is the beginning of new life; therefore the Wood element is the creator of the Five Element cycle.

Wood regenerates each Spring when the trees and plants send out new growth.  The Wood element can influence your personal growth, creativity and ability to expand in new directions.

The energy of the green Wood element is great to ‘get new things started’ – new beginnings and renewal.  This is the element to focus on when you wish to achieve harmony and purify the energy in your space.  When you need a change and new things in your life, take a look at the Wood element.

The Wood element is often used to break the flow of energy into a soft and dispersed flow.  In addition to the colour green, integrate columnar or upward rectangular shapes to lift energy upward (like the trees outside your home) and increase the flow of energy.

Wood promotes development and creative energies and promotes motivation, inspiration and passion without overpowering your space.

We have a lot of Wood element in our environment.  The most effective is living plants and trees – their true life force is the very best enhancement.  The universe is about everything working together to promote the cycle of life – plants cleanse the air and photosynthesis produces fresh oxygen.

Feng Shui wood element by Feng Shui MarketAlthough Wood is a very positive element, excessive Wood elements and colours can restrict your ability to make decisions or develop new ideas and you may experience lack of empathy for others.  Watch for anger and depression and a lack of motivation.  When these types of behaviours are being experienced, introduce more Metal element into the environment to create a more balanced environment.

When there are not enough Wood elements in our environment, we may experience irritability and problems with relationships with those close to us.  Life is simply not abundant.  In addition to adding healthy living plants (Bonsai are also considered a form of cultivating one's self), colour and shape attributes, an excellent way to increase Wood energy to any space that needs enhancement is to add artwork that features gardens, flowers and forests – with wooden picture frames.  You can give a boost to the existing Wood element by introducing more Water element.  Adding three Bamboo plants in a tall rectangular vase is a favorite because there is always water in the vase and it is beautiful.

Wood Liquid Dispenser by Feng Shui MarketThis drop-shape liquid Dispenser, with a playful wooden collar, is another excellent way to incorporate wood in your bathroom or kitchen! Experience a blend of elegance and playfulness with our creative designed dispenser for soaps or lotions. Each dispenser is crafted out of a single piece of locally sourced birch, maple or elm wood. The drop-shaped silhouette adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom or kitchen decor, elevating your space with its exquisite design. We have a limited supply of these one-of-a-kind handcrafted liquid dispensers, designed and turned by a world-renowned Master Wood Turner in Canada, available at Handcrafted Wooden Liquid Dispenser – Feng Shui Market.

Lush and healing, the Wood element will bring the energy of health, vitality and growth to your space.  The nurturing and loyalty qualities are perfect for the Family and Prosperity zones of your home.

Bring vitality into your environment by bringing new life and movement to your space.