5 Ways to Create Good Feng Shui in Your Home

Good Feng Shui in your homeAs we are all getting a little too familiar with the interior of our home lately, now is a perfect time to fill it with a positive vibe. The home has been where we work, live and play, so it is important to create a balanced positive energy (chi) with Feng Shui.

Here are five ways to kick-start your journey
to a happier and healthier home.

1. The Entry
In Feng Shui we say the front door is the mouth of the chi, the place where energy enters your living space. This is a great place to begin building good Feng Shui in your home. Start with de-cluttering and cleaning inside and outside the entrance door. Ideally you would want to have the front door open a minimum of 15 minutes a day to allow positive chi into the home. The door should also be in proper working condition without any squeaks or maintenance issues.

2. Commanding Position
All beds, desks and the stove in the home should be in the commanding position. You want to be able to see the entrance to the room from your bed, desk and stove without being in direct line with the door. The bed represents you, the desk represents your career, and the stove represents your wealth. When you are in the commanding position in these spaces, you are in command of your life - ready to receive the best opportunities.

3. Clutter
By reducing the clutter in your home, you are making space for more positive energy to take its place. Remember that clutter is an energy stealer. The key to success with de-cluttering is to tackle one drawer or closet at a time. Let go of what is no longer in use or necessary.

4. Pathways
In our home we get used to how everything is laid out and over time do not realize the energy blocks that may be in the way. Take a look around and see if there are any items in the way of your everyday pathways. Maybe you set up a clothes drying rack in the middle of your living room but it ends up being a permanent fixture or maybe you have an over-stuffed pantry where it’s hard to get to things. All these obstacles affect the flow of energy in your home but can be easily taken care once you notice they are there.

5. Plants
Plants bring in a relaxing life energy into the home. It is best to stick with plants that have soft and rounded edges. Select plants that work for your space and lighting conditions. If you are new to plants, find ones that are easy to care for or another option is to use silk plants that look real.

If you implement one or all these Feng Shui ideas, you will be surprised how the energy feels more positive and uplifted in your home. Check out some more Feng Shui tips here (https://fengshuimarket.ca/about-feng-shui/feng-shui-tips/) to continue your Feng Shui journey!

~ Angela Ahosaari
Angela AhosaaiWant some help from a professional Feng Shui practitioner? Angela Ahosaari is a certified BTB Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki Master and Psychic Intuitive; allowing her to help clients in mind, body and spirit. To find out more about Angela and her services, check out her website (www.insightintuitive.com) or connect with her on Instagram @insightintuitive