White Sage – Baby



White sage is used to bless, cleanse and heal that which is being smudged (person, object, space). This broad leaf sage is individually hand rolled into bundles. Its robust aromatic scent and smooth burning properties make it ideal for smudging.

The sacred ritual of purifying with smoke (smudging) originates from North and South America’s native peoples. Cleansing the energy within your environment will create a space that can better support positive energies.

White Sage is the most masculine and powerful cleanser and is acknowledged for its healing properties. Feng Shui practitioners use White Sage for its cleansing and purifying powers in space clearing.

To use: Light the top of the White Sage Bundle with fire; blow out the flame, and allow the sage to smolder. Use a fireproof bowl, such as an abalone shell, smudge pot or ceramic dish to catch ashes and to set the burning sage into. Wave the bundle to distribute the cleansing smoke, or disperse the smoke with your hand, a feather or fan.

Several sizes available.

Baby White Sage Bundle is approximately 3-4″ in length