Six I-Ching Coins, Good Luck Knot & Tassel

Six I-Ching Coins, Good Luck Knot & Tassel



This strand of six I-Ching Coins, approximately 10″ in length, is hung from a good luck knot and finished with a red and gold tassel. Chinese coins tied together are powerful symbols to attract prosperity and good fortune. Place in your prosperity gua to attract auspicious money and good fortune; in your handbag or wallet so you will never run out of cash; on your accounting ledger or share portfolios to increase business fortune; on your cash box or cash register so that they are always full of money; on your computer, printer, fax or telephone to open up the line for more customers and maintain busy sales. Hang behind your work desk to improve your influence; hang above the home’s main entrance to open up your career potential and invite prosperity into your home; use as a bookmark when seeking to improve your studies. Further activate wealth by placing coins tied with the mystic knot in each of the four corners of every room in your home and office. The mystic knot is said to further energize the coins to be an extremely potent method to improve wealth vibrations within the foundation of the structure.

According to Taoist customs the round coin with a square hole represents a convergence of heaven and earth – making it energetic, powerful and harmonious. The circular shape of the coin represents the heavens, while the square hole is the earth at the center. Joining six coins together with a red string or ribbon can be an extremely powerful Feng Shui symbol in attracting the luck of Heaven.

Refresh the energy by replacing coins with new ones or cleansing them with incense on the first day of the lunar New Year.