Personal Bagua Map

Personal Bagua Map



Approximately 6″ x 6″

A laminated Bagua Map adds the energy of the Feng Shui colours, trigrams, and auspicious octagon shape wherever you place it.

Placing a laminated Bagua Map beneath your desk (Bagua Map facing upward, Fame Gua facing away from your desk chair) will balance the energy of your workspace. This works equally well for your desk at work or home office.

A laminated Bagua Map under the seat of your car (facing upward, Fame Gua facing the front of the car) will balance the energy while you’re driving.

It’s also a good idea to place a laminated Bagua Map underneath the mattress of everyone who lives in your home (facing upward, Fame Gua facing the head of the bed). When you balance the energy of your bed, you create an environment for very restful sleep. A laminated Bagua Map in your suitcase helps with stress free and safe travel. You should place this laminated Bagua Map under the mattress of the hotel bed while you’re away from home.

This BTB Feng Shui laminated Bagua Map includes information for each Gua about the corresponding Chinese number, trigrams, colours, elements and characteristics.