Clear 40mm



This larger clear Swarovski 40mm crystal has two main functions – in the Health Gua and when you are experiencing home layout problems.

Always hang a 40mm crystal in the centre (Health Gua) of your home to promote good health.

If your front door and back door line-up and you are losing energy as it rushes in the front and straight out the back door – hang a 40mm crystal in between the 2 doors to slow down and redirect the energy. When your stairs lead directly out of the front door – you are losing too much energy out of your home as gravity pushes it down the stairs and straight out the front door – hang a crystal midway between the bottom of the stairs and the front door.

You may find that there is insufficient energy going either upstairs or downstairs if you live in a bi-level home where your stairs go up and down from the front door – hang a 40mm crystal between the stairs and the front door.