Clear 20mm


Clear 20mm



Take good energy everywhere you go with this lovely clear 20mm Personal Crystal!

This Swarovski Feng Shui Crystal will add positive, protective energy and redirect negative energy as you go about your day.

Send good energy with your children while they are away from home (at school, overnight stays, trips, etc.) Also referred to as a ‘Gratitude Crystal’, children love to have their very own Personal Crystal to remind them to be grateful and thankful of all the positive things that they have in their life.

Packaged in a red velvet pouch, it is convenient and easy to tuck this lovely 20mm Feng Shui Crystal into a backpack, purse, or briefcase. It is also excellent for redirecting negative energy when traveling – simply tuck one in each piece of your luggage. This smaller crystal is also ideal to add positive energy to your car or truck – hang it from the rear view mirror (sufficiently out of the way so that it doesn’t distract you).