Thriving In Your Metaphysical Career Online Course


Thriving In Your Metaphysical Career Online Course



Learn David Kennedy’s Powerful Strategies for Success!

If distance or availability is something that you have to contend with, then our online class is the perfect solution for you. All you need to view this class from your computer, is a good Internet connection; a JavaScript enabled Internet browser with a recent version of the free Adobe Flash Player installed (the same plug-in required to view videos on; and audio on your computer. Now you can download your course materials and then view this 2-day class on your schedule – when it is convenient for you. Simple as 1-2-3!

David Daniel Kennedy is the acclaimed author of the bestseller, Feng Shui for Dummies. But did you know that his success was achieved from his consulting and business expertise . . . and then he wrote Feng Shui for Dummies?

David Kennedy’s road to success is remarkable … and now, he shares his secrets to success with you!

When I first met David at a weekend seminar in New York, I knew immediately that I would learn a lot from him, not only about Feng Shui, but even more about personal power. Little did I know that in the months to come, as a student in his program, he would transform my life!
~ J. Lefferts

This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn David Kennedy’s powerful strategies including:

  • Secrets of a Successful Career
  • Creating Your Unique Offering
  • Setting Fees Your Clients Accept Easily
  • Giving the Optimal Number of Cures
  • Implementing Client Feedback
  • Expanding the Consultation Time
  • Increasing Your Perceived Value
  • Winning Repeat Business
  • And much more …

Learn the secrets to having a successful Metaphysical Career from North America’s most successful Feng Shui Consultant!

Please Note: This class focuses on the Feng Shui career, but is ideal for all metaphysical careers.

What others have to say about this class:

David’s wonderful knowledge and passion is very infectious. The information shared is going to take my business to the next level. I am so excited to get going with all these new ideas!
~ Dawn Hankins, Calgary

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to pursue a full-time or part-time career. It was very enlightening and changed the way I looked at a Feng Shui career.
~ Bonnie Hier, Calgary

The easy manner which David presents allows for “wow” and “ah ha” moments. The transition from practitioner to consultant is an exciting concept. Thanks so much.
~ Janet Moore, Calgary

Choc-a-bloc with information you can implement immediately to redesign your career.
~ Janelle HarrisBorm, Calgary

David Kennedy is one that “truly” cares about you succeeding and exceeding in whatever you choose to do. His knowledge, research, formulation and delivery of the material he’s teaching is priceless. You “get it” and you owe it to yourself to experience and learn from this true Master.
~ Caroline Moody, Dallas, Texas

An extremely inspiring and informative workshop!

Includes downloadable handouts … and when you need a refresher, sign in and view the class again.

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