Mastering the Feng Shui Consultation Online Course


Mastering the Feng Shui Consultation Online Course



Learn David Kennedy’s Secrets for Success!

If distance or availability is something that you have to contend with, then our online Feng Shui class is the perfect solution for you. All you need to view this class from your computer, is a good Internet connection; a JavaScript enabled Internet browser with a recent version of the free Adobe Flash Player installed (the same plug-in required to view videos on; and audio on your computer. Now you can download your course materials and then view this 2-day class on your schedule – when it is convenient for you. Simple as 1-2-3!

The practical end of developing an income from Feng Shui was eluding me, despite the fact that I am a professional, and have worked in the corporate environment. David’s guidance, know how, and strong presence moved me from on the ropes with stress, to making it happen. In turn I am able to help my clients with their quality of life and get results with which they are very pleased. David is a role model that we can all seek to strive towards for a level of powerful and effective consultations.
~ A. Graham

  • Are your Feng Shui consultations creating exciting results for both you and your clients?
  • Are your clients regularly hiring you for additional or follow-up work?
  • Are you winning significant new business based on referrals from happy clients?

If you cannot answer a resounding YES to each of the above questions, then this course is a MUST for you!

Learn the secrets to become a successful Feng Shui Consultant from North America’s most successful Feng Shui Consultant! Join David Daniel Kennedy, bestselling author of “Feng Shui for Dummies” for an amazing class where you will learn precise, detailed instructions to help you master David Kennedy’s Four Key Steps for a Successful Feng Shui Consultation.

David Kennedy has broken down the entire Feng Shui consultation process into four specific steps. This class provides you with precise, detailed instructions to help you master these key steps for success in your consultation practice.

David realized early in his vocation that the most important factor in building your Feng Shui consultation career is the effective delivery of client consultations. Feng Shui knowledge and training is ONLY as useful as your ability to successfully deliver powerful results for your clients. Now you can learn his secrets too:

  • Conditions to Guarantee Success vs Failure
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Mastering both One- and Two-Visit Consultations
  • How to Reduce Work Time Creating Reports
  • Securing Client Buy-In for Cure Recommendations
  • Effectively Communicating your Fees
  • Language Tips for Consulting Pros
  • Effective scripts & dialog, communication patterns that make all the difference for success or failure for every part of the process.

Now is the perfect time to learn the secrets of becoming a successful Feng Shui Consultant from North America’s most successful Feng Shui Consultant

Please Note: This class is ideal for all schools of Feng Shui

This workshop was the ‘missing link’ in my on-going continuing education process to be the best Feng Shui consultant that I can be. It has provided me with the tools to build my confidence level and, in time, will also help me build my business. I appreciated David’s candid advice on ‘how to’ provide value to my clients, while respecting the basic principles of Feng Shui and those who have guided me down path this spiritual path.
David Kennedy is one of the best communicators, teachers, Masters I’ve had the good fortune to learn from. You owe it to yourself to experience one of his classes or many of his classes. His style is what all teachers should aspire to.
~ Norah Coram, Australia

I loved it! Just what I needed to know to get me on my way!
~ Ann Hunt, Airdrie, AB

Listening to David helps me to see how much more there is to learn – he is so full of knowledge – in all areas. He gives in depth responses so one begins to understand what’s going on behind the scenes.
~ Marge Campbell, Calgary, AB

David, you’ve shaved years off of my Feng Shui business learning curve!
~ Mia Staysko, Okotoks, AB

I found this workshop to contain very valuable information and will be extremely helpful in my consultations.
~ Bonnie Hier, Calgary, AB

I feel blessed to have attended this course at the beginning of my Feng Shui consulting career and look forward to the opportunity to do great consultations.
~ Nancy Bogle, Canmore, AB

David has a wonderful energy that really engages his audience to help them understand the essence of the topic. I would most definitely recommend taking a course with David.
~ Dawn Hankins, Okotoks, AB

Great speaker … great inspiration. Can’t say anything … speechless – energetically blown away!
~ Shirley Obrecht, Calgary, AB

David, you have saved me years worth of pitfalls and suffering. Thank You!
~ Greg Coonfer, Calgary, AB

Includes downloadable handouts … and when you need a refresher, sign in and view the class again. Handouts also include important information about indispensable bonus segments.

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