Feng Shui – Bagua Mirror



The Bagua Mirror is a traditional Feng Shui cure for the outside of your home. It attracts good energy into your home from the neighbourhood, while redirecting negative energy away from your space. Bagua Mirrors should be hung facing the outside of your home; not facing into your living space.

Our exclusive Bagua Mirrors have been custom made for Feng Shui Market with the Trigrams correctly positioned to be consistent in every respect with BTB Feng Shui.

A Bagua Mirror is used to redirect the chaotic energy of an Institutional building that is too close to your home (e.g. School, hospital, police station etc). If you live on a very quiet street, it is used to attract energy into your space. If you live on a very busy street, it is used to redirect rushing energy. If you live on a Cul-de-Sac, a Bagua Mirror will balance energy. If your home is too close to a neighbour, a Bagua Mirror hung between the houses is used to keep your family’s energy separate from your neighbours. A Bagua Mirror doesn’t cause any harm when facing out from your home – it simply keeps your good energy within and keeps negative energy outside. The best place to hang the Bagua Mirror is above the front door. If you don’t like the look of that, or if you live in a multi-dwelling complex with rules, you can place the Bagua Mirror in the mailbox or tucked away behind a bush near the front door.

A Bagua Mirror is also used to keep the yang, metal, fast moving energy created in a garage out of the home. If you have a room connected to the garage: place a Bagua Mirror on the ceiling of the garage facing down if the room is above the garage or; place a Bagua Mirror on the adjoining wall in the garage facing into the garage if the room shares a common wall with a garage. If your apartment is located directly above the communal garage, place several Bagua Mirrors on the floor facing down into the garage space – hidden under furniture or beds.

When another building looks down on the home or office – place a Bagua Mirror on the roof of the home. This situation could occur where homes are built on a hillside; or where homes are located beside taller structures such as apartment or office buildings.

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