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"We shape our environment
and thereafter our environment shapes us."
              ~Sir Winston Churchill

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Practitioners (Consultations & Speakers)

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Dr. David Lai
A Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Master Dr. David Lai specializes in Yuen Hung Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Tze Ping (Four Pillars): Reading, I-Ching, Palm and Face Reading. ...read more »
Nature's Path Wellness Centre
Shirley Obrecht specializes in Energy Medicine for Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management and Chronic pain at Nature's Path Wellness Centre. She strives to empower clients ...read more »
White Lotus Interiors
Your home is speaking to you! Let Mia Staysko, an Interior Designer (D.I.D), Certified Feng Shui Professional and Red Ribbon Professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild help you ...read more »
Imnala Group
Through applying the principles of Feng Shui, bring balance to all aspects of your life and create the right "energy" for you to achieve the life you desire. In today's fast paced culture how do you stay ...read more »
Feng Shui Consulting
Feng Shui Consulting offers a variety of energy balancing and enhancement tools to assist you in creating a better life, accomplished through a variety of energy balancing and enhancement ...read more »
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Fine Art of Intention
Feng Shui Kits & Consulting
Feng Shui is ... balancing energy in your environment to bring about positive changes in your life. ...read more »
Zenaissance is about you and your home. Sondra believes a home is more than a roof with walls; it's an expression of you, a place where you can relax and rejuvenate. Sondra's mission is ...read more »
Eileen Conti Weklar
Feng Shui Designs & Solutions
Eileen is an internationally recognized master Feng Shui practitioner, educator, author and motivational speaker whose work has ...read more »