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Clearing clutter is a positive conduit for change – you will be amazed at the energy shift that this simple adjustment can trigger.

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White Lotus Interiors

White Lotus Interiors

Residential Design
Your home is an energetic extension of you. It is a sanctuary, insulating you from the outside world. It is a reflection of your ideals, tastes and upbringing, an expression of your personality, and of your interests. A well designed home is more than beautiful. It is one that flows physically, energetically, and aesthetically. It is pleasing to all of the senses, including the subtle ones outside of our immediate awareness.

White Lotus Interiors creates homes that are influenced and guided directly by the personal style, needs and lifestyle of each client.

Commercial Design
Your place of work is one of the most important spaces in your daily life, and should be designed in a way that puts you firmly in control of your career and finances. With equal importance to your home, commercial space is designed with the same core values utilized in residential design projects. 

Mia Staysko's design work is increasingly being led by her continuing study of Feng Shui, which in turn ensures that your space will support you on a level much deeper than the purely aesthetic.