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Finish each Feng Shui project within three days so the energy you put into it will remain concentrated and powerful.

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Imnala Group

Imnala Group

Through applying the principles of Feng Shui, bring balance to all aspects of your life and create the right "energy" for you to achieve the life you desire.

In today's fast paced culture how do you stay positive and achieve your desires and achieve that all important work/life balance?

We can show you how to energize your life, achieve your desires and attain work/life balance and happiness.

  • Learn proven tools to balance Energy to achieve your desires, company or team goals
  • We show you how to take control of your life
  • Learn to positively re-think the way you think
  • We introduce you to the right tools to develop a passionate purpose for you, your team and the company
  • Create the right culture and environment to grow
  • Learn inspirational tools required to motivate and attract productive and happier employees and people

John and Dawn Hankins provide a unique husband - wife (yin and yang) presentation style in a relaxing environment that allows their clients to realize that everyone has the ability to manifest their desires.