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Dr. David Lai

Dr. David Lai

Dr. Lai was born in 1948 in the Province of Zhejiang, China. In 1949, his family moved to Hong Kong. He started his Chinese Feng Shui practice in 1967 studying with Feng Shui Master, Ting Chuen Tang, and by 1979, he had earned his Certificate as a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor from the Chinese Medicine College in Kowloon. In 1990, he received his bachelor's degree in Internal Treatment & Surgery from the Chinese Medical Research Institute in Hong Kong.

A Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Master with more than 40 years of experience, Dr. Lai specializes in Yuen Hung Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Tze Ping (Four Pillars): Reading, I-Ching, Palm and Face Reading.

Living in Calgary, Alberta since 1990, he has been an Alberta Registered Acupuncturist since 1993 and acted as an Acupuncturist Examiner in Alberta since 2003. In 1995, he formed the Polar Universe Astrology & Acupuncture Centre in Calgary. Dr. Lai has been teaching Feng Shui classes since 1997; and has been a Feng Shui Instructor at Mount Royal University since 2009.