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Shift the energy of your space in a way that suits your personal style, preferences and décor – choose meaningful objects and colours that you love.

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Thea Cosma Interiors

Thea Cosma Interiors

Bring beauty, balance and harmony into your space through the art of design and Feng Shui. Thea Cosma specializes in Interior Decor, Home Staging and Feng Shui Consultations. Transforming homes and offices by using a unique combination of design with Feng Shui, Thea creates beauty and improves energy flow in every living space.

Experience the beauty of design with an Interior Decor Consultation. Maximize style and function to create a dynamic and comfortable heaven based on your budget and style. Set the stage with a Home Staging Consultation. Position your home in the marketplace for a faster and more profitable sale. Thea's unique process of reorganizing and rearranging furniture and accessories creates a soothing environment that will showcase your home's best features. Balance your life with a Feng Shui Consultation. A Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Thea Cosma's experience will help you create a space that nurtures harmony, health and abundance; and promotes beauty, peace and balance.