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The best results from Feng Shui will happen when you are open to new things and ideas, have a positive outlook and a clear intention.

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I-Ching Coins - Single

I-Ching Coins - Single

According to Taoist customs the round coin with a square hole represents a convergence of heaven and earth - making it energetic, powerful and harmonious. The circular shape of the coin represents the heavens, while the square hole is the earth at the center. Display these coins with the yang side (4 characters) facing up and the yin side (2 characters) facing down.

These coins are a powerful Feng Shui symbol used to bring prosperity and income luck. When the coins are tied together with a red string or ribbon, they are further energized. Tie three coins together to represent the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind; six coins to represent luck from heaven; or nine coins to represent the wholeness of the universe. Considered a very auspicious gift, Chinese coins double our own luck each time we give some away.

There are many ways to use the coins, ie., place the coins on your cash register to increase sales income; or on the SE corner of your desk to activate money luck; under the sidewalk leading up to your home to improve your household's prosperity and abundance; on your phone to improve income from your business calls; or carry them with you in your pocket, wallet or purse .

Refresh the energy by replacing coins with new ones or cleansing them with incense on the first day of the lunar New Year.