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Frankincense Incense Set

Frankincense Incense Set

This lovely Incense Set includes a 5" wooden ash catcher, and 20 sticks of 4" Frankincense incense.

Frankincense is especially helpful for soothing nerves. If you are feeling stressed, make some time to meditate or use the excellent Feng Shui Zone Guided Meditations CD visualizations, and burn a small 4" stick of Frankincense incense in the room. It will burn for about 15 minutes, just about the right amount of time to start the de-stressing process.

These small incense sticks are also perfect for burning while you're taking a relaxing bath (see In the Feng Shui Zone techniques and recipes) as an extra aid to relaxing and calming your energy down.

The classic 5" wooden incense ash catcher is the perfect accessory for these small incense sticks. Its simple design blends with any decor.