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Set of 9 Crystals of the BTB Bagua

Set of 9 Crystals of the BTB Bagua

BTB Feng Shui Bagua Note Cards
This complete nine-card collection of the beautiful Crystals of the BTB Bagua note cards has been created by Terri Perrin, Feng Shui Practitioner, with photography by Lisa Graham. Each card is 5" x 7" folded size and includes envelopes

What a perfect way to a send a note of thanks, congratulations or best wishes to your friends and clients! The Crystals of the BTB Bagua note cards feature still-life photographs of multi-faceted crystal spheres in the appropriate colours of all nine Life Sectors of the BTB Bagua. Each photograph reinforces the theme of each work of art and empowers your intention to extend heartfelt gratitude or best wishes!