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Focus on what you wish to achieve when you make your Feng Shui adjustments. Include your faith, intention and goals. 30% of the result is achieved by making the physical changes and the other 70% is achieved when you put your mind and soul into it.

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30mm Crystal - Clear

30mm Crystal - Clear

This size of crystal is the most versatile. The beauty of this clear Swarovski crystal is so elegant.

Hang one above the stove and microwave oven to protect the cook. Hang one in front of all exterior sliding doors to prevent loss of energy from your home.

Each bedroom should have a crystal hanging from the ceiling, near the centre of the room, to calm the energy. Ceiling fans can cause ‘funnels' of energy - hang a crystal from the fan to redirect this energy in a beneficial direction. If you have a bedroom door that leads to the exterior of your home - hang a crystal in front of this exterior door to prevent one partner from leaving the relationship. When the opening to a bathroom is directly across from the foot of the bed, the wet, draining energies of the bathroom needs to be balanced and calmed, by hanging a crystal in the centre between the doorway and the foot of the bed.

Every windowless room in your home should have a crystal to add energy to this space, for example, bathrooms, laundry rooms, attics and storage rooms.

For ‘crystal clear' thinking, hang a crystal from the ceiling above your head when sitting at your office chair.

These Swarovski leaded crystals are the highest quality crystal available. They will change visible light into the seven-colour rainbow spectrum, highlighting the crystal's power for transformation.

Clear Feng Shui Crystals are pre-strung with red Feng Shui string and include a hook to hang it from.

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