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Special Offers

30mm Crystal - Pink
The pink Swarovski 30mm crystal has a beautiful soft, delicate pink colour. This crystal will enhance the energy of love and romance hang it in the middle of the master bedroom or in the Love ... read more »
Special $27.95
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Abalone Shell
The Abalone Shell is a traditional holder to burn smudge when transforming the energy in a space. Feng Shui practitioners prefer using the Abalone Shell when perform a space clearing. ... read more »
Special $13.95
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I-Ching Coins in Velvet Pouch
This strand of three I-Ching Coins, tied together with a 9" red string and tucked into a luxurious velvet pouch, is a powerful symbol to attract prosperity and good fortune. Place in your prosperity... read more »
Special $4.95
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Pink Crystal with Roses
BTB Feng Shui Bagua Note Card
Pink isn't just for little girls ... it is the primary colour of the Love & Relationship sector of the BTB Feng Shui bagua.... read more »
Special $4.45
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