Who wants to be a Feng Shui Practitioner?

June 27, 2014

I have been studying Feng Shui since 2005 and have had the unique opportunity to meet many potential Feng Shui Practitioners. I also receive a lot of inquiries from potential clients looking for a Feng Shui Practitioner or Consultant to help them create a better life.

Feng Shui Practitioner?Generally speaking, I would say that Feng Shui Consultants are motivated by a heart of compassion and the desire to truly want to help people. That’s really quite a simplistic view, but that’s usually the type of person who wants to be a Feng Shui Practitioner.

So how does one enter into this incredibly interesting line of work? Well, certification can be attained through numerous educational streams (Mount Royal University in Calgary and various Feng Shui Schools throughout the country), but it certainly doesn’t stop there. We continue our education by taking additional training and classes related to specific niches, we expand our knowledge by researching and reading a never-ending supply of books, and we practice, practice and practice some more. And that’s just the beginning …

Are all Feng Shui experts Consultants? No, they aren’t – they may mentor or teach or write books – but the actual consultation is not what motivates them to their highest level.

Can you be an expert in Feng Shui, and still find it challenging to perform an effective consultation? Absolutely! In fact a Feng Shui Practitioner also needs to learn how to be a Consultant – to be able to implement a proven methodology to their consultations. Understanding the ‘Business of Feng Shui Consultations’ is crucial to your success as a Feng Shui Practitioner.

I love how David Kennedy describes the Feng Shui Consultant – something to think about.

The environment is continuously conditioning our chi with both positive and negative effects. Your job is to help improve the energy of the client’s environment so that it benefits their chi and life.

A Feng Shui Consultant is an agent for change and transformation. Both a metaphysician and a practical adviser, your success has one foot in the energetic and spiritual world, dealing with subjects of karma, destiny and life’s mysteries. The other foot is firmly planted in concrete, everyday reality to help the client with practical issues such as wealth, health, relationships, bed placements, children’s health, career desires and so on.

The professional Feng Shui Consultant carefully analyzes where the energy of the client and the energy of home and its surroundings are in harmony or imbalance, with the goal of making the energies more compatible and supportive.

Kennedy, David. Mastering Feng Shui Consultations. Calgary, AB. June 25, 2011. Class lecture.

Whether you practice Feng Shui for your own personal use or as a Practitioner, enjoy your Feng Shui journey!

did you know
The effect of too many changes all at once can be overwhelming. Make a few key adjustments and take notice of the shift in energy in your space before you continue with more adjustments.

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