10th Anniversary Celebration!

May 1, 2015

In appreciation for your continued support,
Feng Shui Market invites you to join us for our

10th Anniversary Celebration!

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Guest Speaker, David Kennedy

David Kennedy, author of the bestseller Feng Shui for Dummies, has been presenting workshops in Calgary since 2009 and we are thrilled that he joins us to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary, presenting:

Achieve Better Sleep with Feng Shui
an evening with David Kennedy -

The quality of sleep is a key factor in your health, career and overall life.
Lack of sleep is currently an epidemic costing billions in lost productivity and untold life misery.

Feng Shui opens new possibilities which may assist our sleep experience.

During this FREE EVENT, Feng Shui expert David Kennedy will discuss both
Feng Shui and other solutions that can assist anyone move closer to solving the sleep puzzle.


Pre-registration is required – reserve your seat today!

Thursday, May 7, 2015
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (MDT)
Staybridge Suites Calgary Airport
2825 Sunridge Way NE, Calgary, AB  T1Y 7K7

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Could Your Bedroom be the Cause
of Your Relationship Challenges?

April 26, 2015



Could Your Bedroom be the
Cause of Your Relationship Challenges?

Renowned Feng Shui expert and author is coming to Calgary to talk about love, relationships and the bedroom

“Are you currently enjoying a loving, mutually-respectful and satisfying relationship?” asks International Feng Shui expert, David Daniel Kennedy. “If not, you are not alone! Just a small percentage of the people I know are currently in happy, long-term relationships. It seems that everyone else is waiting to hit the jackpot – they want to find a perfect partner or to move their present unsatisfying relationship to a new level of love, respect, and intimate communication.”

Whether they want to take a chance with a new Spring romance or ignite some sparks with a current flame, anyone looking to improve relationships will not want to miss the Feng Shui for Love, Relationships and the Bedroom workshop in Calgary May 9th and 10th  (Held over May 23 and 24) This is a rare opportunity to learn from David Daniel Kennedy, author of the bestselling book Feng Shui for Dummies.

Kennedy teaches that implementing the ‘ancient art of placement’ can be a powerful factor influencing your relationship, or lack of one.

“Something as simple as correctly positioning your bed in relation to the bedroom door, for example, can actually make a world of difference,” adds Kennedy. “The location of the bedroom within the home, the colours on the walls and the overall décor all influence how your feel about yourself and others. The energy of your entire home, but especially your master bedroom, may be keeping your ideal companion at bay, or it may be blocking the flow of energy between you and your current partner.”

The Feng Shui for Love, Relationships and the Bedroom workshop will be a blend of classroom time and Feng Shui assessments in actual home environments, so the learning experience will be interactive and real, not just theoretical. Content will appeal to both people who are completely new to the practice of Feng Shui, as well as those with years of experience.

Day one will cover the secrets of enjoying Fulfilling Love and Relationships and how Feng Shui can help. Participants will be taught to look at their home with ‘Feng Shui eyes’ to learn how their environment may be influencing their life.

On Day two, Kennedy will be laser-focused on Optimal Bedroom Feng Shui for a Better Marriage or Partnership. He will explain how simple Feng Shui changes and enhancements to the master bedroom décor and design can stimulate improvements in all areas of an individual’s life, but especially so with regard to love and relationships.

Feng Shui for Love, Relationships and the Bedroom will be held 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., May 9 and 10, 2015 at the Country Inn & Suites, 2481 – 39th Avenue NE, Calgary, AB. Early Bird registration is $395 per person and is available for a limited time only. Preregistration is required. FMI call Maureen Johnson, Feng Shui Market, 403-295-7336, email mjohnson@fengshuimarket.ca or visit www.fengshuimarket.ca


David Daniel Kennedy, the author of the bestselling book, Feng Shui for Dummies, is one of America’s best-known experts in Feng Shui, the ancient art of balance and harmony. An internationally recognized teacher and speaker, David has shared his unique and entertaining approach to transformation in hundreds of lectures and workshops across North America, and in his popular Feng Shui books, audios, and video programs.

David has been featured in more than 50 radio, TV and print interviews on the subject of Feng Shui.

In his many years as a professional Feng Shui consultant, David has helped hundreds of individuals and companies transform their lives and businesses by changing their relationships with themselves, others and their environments through Feng Shui principles. He has helped homeowners, small and medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, create a better future.

An acclaimed speaker at International Feng Shui conferences around the world, David has mentored and coached Feng Shui consultants worldwide. His training in the field of human transformation includes transpersonal psychology, human communication studies, emotional healing, bio-energetics, kinesiology, qigong, and yoga. He masterfully blends this modern and ancient knowledge to facilitate powerful, dynamic life changes for others.

Contact: Maureen Johnson

Experiential Feng Shui:
Secrets of Chi Cultivation

May 1, 2014
Experiential Feng Shui: Secrets of Chi Cultivation, with David Kennedy

Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun
with David Kennedy

Join David Kennedy, bestselling author of Feng Shui for Dummies, for an extraordinary weekend in Calgary, May 24 & 25, 2014.

This is the workshop that you have been waiting for.  Have a living experience of energy (Experiential Feng Shui), increase your knowledge of Feng Shui, and learn how to cultivate your own Chi. This truly is Feng Shui in action.

In this amazing, one-of-a-kind, interactive workshop, you will learn how and why Feng Shui is so much more powerful than you have ever imagined.  This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn some of the most potent teachings of BTB Feng Shui that David Kennedy has learned from the late Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun and other teachers.

David Kennedy has an incredible background of teaching. You will find his passion and desire to teach you everything he knows, combined with a tremendous ability for clarity, completely energizing. David Kennedy will completely change the way you see, hear and feel Feng Shui and help you create the life that you deserve.

“David has a unique way of organizing the incredible amounts of Feng Shui information into clear, concise easy-to-understand principles.  Using these principles correctly, you will be able to make positive life changes, to improve your wealth, health, happiness, and more!”
~ Ileen Nelson, Director of Feng Shui Studies,
The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design

For more information, visit Experiential Feng Shui: Secrets of Chi Cultivation

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The effect of too many changes all at once can be overwhelming. Make a few key adjustments and take notice of the shift in energy in your space before you continue with more adjustments.

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